Elephant Night Light

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Product Description

High brightness LED inside. Lights up at dusk, turns off at dawn automatically. It lasts up to 100000 hours. Cool to the touch. Low maintenance cost, convenient to use and so on. It could be used in bedroom or other place which needs micro light.


Input Voltage: AC110-127V

Output Voltage: DC2.8V

Current: ≤25MA

Dimension: 3 in W x 4.5 in D x 2 in H (76mm x 114mm x 48mm)

Net Weight: 60g

Power: 0.5W

Lighting Mode: This LED sensor night light lights up by the brightness of light. The photoconductive resistance inside the night light detect the external light. While the external circumstance be darkened, the photoconductive resistance control to turn on the circuit, then the night light start lighting. While the external circumstance brighten to the critical point of photoconductive resistance, the circuit cut-off automatically, then the night light turns off to save electricity.

Caution: Risk of electric shock and fire hazard