Yoga All the Time

At the beginning of yoga, many people will focus on the standard and norms of asanas, and pay attention to some details. However, for beginners, there is more important thing-to cultivate the habit of practicing, practice 2-3 times a week, 1 hour of practice each time. In this sense, cultivating the habit of yoga is what a beginner should do most. The second is awareness, and the last is whether the posture is standard.

Yoga is not one or two hours or one or two days of practice. Yoga is a lifestyle throughout the year.

For many practitioners, yoga seems to be just one move and one posture. The purpose of most people practicing yoga is also very simple: because it is popular, because some people feel comfortable after practicing and have a good body shaping effect. Because some people say that yoga can make people calm and feel peaceful. Thatโ€™s right! These are facts, but these are only part of yoga practice. The ultimate goal of yoga is to make people feel peaceful and live a simple, natural and happy life.

Yoga gives us a good suggestion: live a slow life, experience life, and enjoy life! Yoga promotes a simple, healthy and happy lifestyle. For us in real life, wearing clothes made of environmentally friendly materials, eating green and clean food, driving less, caring, and protecting nature are also part of the promotion of yoga.

Yoga is the oldest wisdom, but it is suitable for human life in any era. In addition to physical exercises and personal lifestyle, it also involves human psychology, spirit, and life philosophy.

Yoga believes that: a person's lifestyle determines his quality of life. For example, sometimes we find that life and eating are regular during this period, and the body and mind will be pleasant. Irregular diet and lifestyle make people tired.

The original meaning of yoga is to connect and unite body and mind, but in real life, our body and mind are often separated. It is yoga that allows us to learn to be satisfied, learn to focus, and make our life peaceful and stable. It always reminds us: focus is power!

Learn to live every day consciously, live consciously, and feel the spring, summer, autumn, and winter we are currently experiencing!