Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is also known as traditional yoga. In the word Hatha, "ha" means the sun, and "ta" means the moon. It represents the balance between male and female, day and night, yin and yang, cold and heat, and any other complementary opposites.

After applying this concept, it means that by exercising equal flexibility and strength at the two poles of the body, they are brought into a state of balance. It also represents keeping the left and right brains in a balanced state, so that the logical and arithmetic left brain and the creative and intuitive right brain can coexist harmoniously and play a balanced role.

In yoga, breathing through the right nostril is called the breath of the sun, and breathing through the left nostril is called the breath of the moon. Keeping breathing smooth in some way is essential to all the practice of Hatha Yoga.

Traditional Hatha Yoga is an ancient yoga system. When practicing, control your breathing, practice slowly with deep breathing, and emphasize complete relaxation. This is a practice without a sense of competition, emphasizing the feeling of each individual, rather than being perfect. The whole person is fully concentrated, and the body and spirit work in harmony, bringing happiness to the body and spirit. The real power of this system is that it is a path to eternal happiness and inner freedom.

Hatha Yoga is most suitable for beginners. It is through body posture, breathing and relaxation techniques to achieve the purpose of training. It is very beneficial to the nervous system, various glands and internal organs, and its purpose is to promote rhythmic breathing and develop the body's potential.

Founded by Sivanada, an Indian modern yoga master, the asana practice includes 24 asanas. Pay attention to the relaxation of movements, which is conducive to the elimination of physical health and disease, and is suitable for ordinary people to practice. At the same time, more emphasis is placed on the practice of breathing, breathing control, and meditation. At the same time, it is necessary to regulate one's own life, with moderate practice, correct breathing, active thinking and meditation, regular rest and relaxation, and a reasonable diet.

The characteristic of the traditional Hatha yoga course is that the movements are slow, gentle, comfortable and quiet. Through practice, the six major systems in the body can be coordinated, the flexibility and endurance of the practitioner's body can be enhanced, and the concentration will also be improved. Positive changes in the body will bring relaxation and peace of mind to the practitioner, and can actively face all kinds of external pressures.

Improve the health and youth of the body and purify the mind. Persistent practice can help delay the aging of the body and reduce the excessive pressure accumulated in the body. Through the practice of traditional yoga, it can also strengthen the consciousness of the body, reduce and prevent stress in life, prevent stress and tension from depositing in the body and form diseases.