Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is the oldest and most popular practice style of Hatha Yoga in the world.

This kind of yoga emphasizes the application of "three locks" in asanas, that is, the combination of throat, belly button and perineum. It focuses more on the training exercises of strength, flexibility, and endurance, especially strength and endurance. It is the most intense exercise among all kinds of yoga. In the practice process, only when the movements are in harmony with the breathing frequency, the practitioner can fully enjoy the benefits of the yoga pose.

Ashtanga is divided into six levels, each level is composed of about 60 postures, which are arranged strictly in a fixed order and cannot be practiced upside down. The intensity is very high. If there is no guidance, it is easy to be injured. However, you can skip actions that you can't do at the beginning. But to practice the first level well, it may take 3 to 5 years. This is for people with better conditions, who must ensure about 3 hours of practice every day. Most people in the world who have practiced to Level 6 have been practicing for decades.

Ashtanga yoga is derived from a yoga system in the ancient manuscript "Yoga Collection" recorded by Saint Gervamataris. "Yoga Collection" is a selection of verses about hatha yoga. It contains a series of many different asanas and is a very primitive doctrine of vinyasa, drishti, bandhas, mudras and philosophy. The son of krishnamacharya, t.k.v. desikachar, inherited his career and taught the Vini Yoga system.

After Ashtanga Yoga was spread to Europe and America, flow yoga, power yoga and other yoga were derived.

The text of "Yoga Collection" was taught to him by Krishnamacharya's guru Rama Mohan Brahmachari 1900 years ago. Later, he followed Krishnamacharya at Pattabhi Jois 1927 During the study period beginning in the year, Sri Tekkris Namachaya passed on to Patabi Joyce.

Since 1948, Patabi Joyce has been engaged in his yoga school, the ashtanga yoga research institute in accordance with the sacred tradition of the guru parampara Teaching Ashtanga Yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga literally means "Eight Branch Yoga", and it is also translated as "Eight Step Yoga". The summary of these eight branches is described in the Yoga Sutra of the sage Patanjali.