Learn to Breathe before Learning Yoga

When I first came into contact with yoga, the teacher said that before learning yoga, you must learn to breathe. It was based on exercise, sweating, and health. I thought it was a sport, a more "elegant" sport. It was quiet and had a pleasant atmosphere, unlike sweating and loud noises in a gym. The change in my cognition is that I am surprised to find that I actually look forward to the beginning of every yoga class. I am a person who is not very self-disciplined and not very hard-bearing. I actually enjoy my whole body sweating, exhaustion, and muscle aches every time, and I look forward to the next time. Yoga has changed me subtly.

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Practicing yoga is a process, from physical fitness to mindfulness. When you first started contacting yoga, you would be moved by its tranquility, sense of ritual, teacher's commands, and soothing music. Starting from meditation, stepping into the powerful energy field of yoga. Due to lack of exercise, desk work, mobile phone and other habits, our muscles and spine are in a state of tension, and yoga practice involves a lot of stretching and twisting asanas. The first harvest of practice is that the body has been unprecedented. Stretching, in the process of twisting, also has the effect of massaging the organs, so it has the effect of regulating body functions. Continue to practice for a period of time, the body seems to have become lighter, reducing the previous heavy and rigid feeling.

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Then, I began to understand more that the teacher is teaching you to relax and focus. "Breathing" is the word most emphasized by the teachers of Sanskrit. Why does yoga emphasize breathing so much? In fact, it is for relaxation and concentration. Observe self-breathing, consciously lengthen and deepen the breath, to ensure adequate oxygen supply in the body, let the practitioner find a focus, and the mind is locked tightly on self-breathing, not diverging randomly, so as to achieve better attention force. Furthermore, breathing is a self-constant standard for the practitioner’s physical condition. Yoga asanas vary from person to person and cannot be forced. When you know how to pay attention to breathing when practicing asanas, you will hear signals from the body. Smooth breathing represents safety and Comfort and intensity are within the body's control range, and rush, restlessness or even holding your breath prove that you are in a tense, resisting and uncomfortable exercise and need to be adjusted.

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Breathing and concentration bring more space to talk to yourself. Your mind has never been so close to your heart. When we unloaded work, left socializing, turned off mobile phones, and stepped onto yoga mats, all the disturbances were forgotten. You finally have the opportunity to start earnestly and listen to the neglected real you. You look at the tip of your nose, stretch your fingertips, tighten your muscles, and your toes grasp the ground forcefully, exhale and inhale, and relax and unfold like under a magnifying glass. Immediately afterwards, you observe your inner self, so you begin to practice energy, practice softness, practice breadth, and practice joy. Each individual pose realizes new emotions in the practice again and again, returns to the innocence of the baby in the infant pose, embraces the self; opens the heart in the strengthened stretching, expresses depression and distraction, cultivates the qualities of peace and humility; in the handstand Feel the calmness of the mind, the sharpness of thinking, while sharpening patience; in the balance, understand how to focus yourself, get rid of anxiety and irritability, leaving only undisturbed stillness. Each practice is better, firmer, and more stable than the last one, and I get a faint but real pleasure in my heart.

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What can yoga bring? Some people say that yoga brings sleep back to the tossing night. Some people say that yoga embraces the fragile, lonely, and insecure self before. Some people say that yoga makes him open-minded. After practicing yoga, he is no longer easy to entangle small things. , Calm and happiness can be more easily obtained. It is also said that yoga makes her look young, her complexion is ruddy, and her body is full of yoga temperament. The benefits of yoga are indescribable. It brings a healthier body and a purer mind. It seems to be a journey of spiritual retreat for every busy and lost urbanite. Our mind grows through the body, and we found it through yoga.
What is yoga? It makes us exercise, healthy and sweaty. Is it a sport? It seems to be different from other sports, such as football, which is exciting but not pleasant; for example, Tai Chi, it makes people calm, but not quiet; such as aerobics, it makes people relaxed, but not sober. Yoga is more like a philosophy. It allows people to find the relationship between the body and the mind. Through physical exercises, the goal of mind cultivation is achieved. It tells us restraint and boundaries. Amidst the complexity, learning to restrain the mind will bring simplicity and harmony. happy. It is a kind of inspiration and a habit worth sticking to. As the "Yoga Sutra" says, controlling the fluctuation of the mind is yoga. The stronger the restraint and control of the mind, the stronger the control of the body, temper, desire, and power. Uncontrollable brings turbulence and challenges, and control brings stability and safety. Just like the slogan of Sanskrit Yoga, "Let the body find the joy of the soul", in the diligent and self-disciplined practice, I meet the joy of yoga. Thanks to yoga, it let me know that people can achieve a peaceful and beautiful mind through physical practice and management. What is yoga? It is the path to beauty.