Keep 8 Breaths for Beginners

If you are a beginner in yoga, follow each of our actions to maintain eight breaths, after a period of time, you will get a healthy body.

1 - Standing forward

Standing Forward - Lorvies

Stand with your legs and feet hip-width apart

The spine stretches upwards and folds down from the hips

Bend your knees first, keeping your abdomen close to your thighs

Slowly straighten your legs, head down to the ground naturally

Feel the stretch and hold for 8 breaths

2 - Knee bend

Knee Bend - Lorvies

Sit up and move your hips back and up

Put your hands on your hips and bend your knees

Raise the calf parallel to the ground and extend the arm forward

Keep 8 breaths

3 - Movable shoulder joint

Movable Shoulder Joint - Lorvies

Sitting position with arms straight forward

Shoulder and arm are in a straight line, bend wrist

Push the palm forward to clamp the upper arm

Unfold the ribcage and stretch the collarbone to both sides

Keep 8 breaths

4 - Inclined plate

Inclined Plate - Lorvies

Starting from the kneeling position, push the floor

Move your body's center of gravity forward so that your body is in a straight line

Push the heel back and keep for 8 breaths

5 - Inclined plate increases difficulty

Inclined Plate Increases Difficulty - Lorvies

Leaning against the wall, starting from a kneeling position at four corners, stretch your feet back

Walk up the wall until it is in a straight line with your shoulders

Step on the soles of your feet hard against the wall and keep for 8 breaths

6 - Letter L handstand

Handstand - Lorvies

Start sitting with your legs close to the wall

Place the yoga bricks next to the hips as a fixed position

Place your palm on the position of the brick and turn around

Walk slowly along the wall with your feet until your hips are perpendicular to the ground

Push your feet hard against the wall, try to stretch one leg to the ceiling

Keep 8 breaths, walk back down with your feet